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The basketball professional league resumes on the night of July 30 to 31. Completely shielded on the ESPN World Wide Sports Complex near the Disney World Resort, where ultimately the NBA playoffs should also increase. We take a look at the rest of the NBA season, explain the mode, give TV tips and of course also look at the odds for the NBA 2020.

  • Re-start of the NBA from July 30, 2020
  • NBA bubble in the screened amusement park Disney World Resort
  • “Battle of LA” between Lakers and Clipper directly on the first night (July 31st, 3 a.m. CEST)
  • NBA Finals start on September 30th
  • TV: DAZN streams the NBA 2020 live from Orlando

It has been a good four and a half months since Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) tested positive for the Corona virus and all other games of the 2019/2020 NBA season were immediately canceled. Basketball fans all over the world have been looking forward to the restart since then. Now he finally comes: A few kilometers southwest of Orlando, the NBA teams come together to continue the season that was interrupted due to Corona. The NBA games and playoffs are taking place in the Corona hotspot Florida (the southeastern US state has replaced New York itself as the epicenter of the pandemic), which is why the basketball stars shielded from the outside world train, sleep, eat at the Disney World Resort and play. The term “NBA Bubble” has long been ubiquitous, the Corona topic anyway: Two out of 322 tested NBA professionals in Orlando tested positive, but these players were already in quarantine and have now left the Walt Disney Bubble.

New Orleans Pelicans against Utah Jazz is the opener for the rest of the season from Thursday (July 30th) to Friday. It starts at 0:30 German time. This is followed by eight regular games per team and then the NBA playoffs in August 2020. Both the regular season games and the NBA playoffs all take place in Disney World near Orlando, more precisely in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

NBA Schedule 2020: The mode for the games in Florida

The rest of the season is held in Orlando in three different halls. The HP Field House, Visa Athletic Center and a hall dubbed “The Arena” by Disney are ready for the NBA games starting July 30th. All halls are significantly smaller than the usual arenas where NBA Games take place, of course, all games take place without spectators, which is why the capacities of the arenas do not really matter.
The regular season will run until August 14, with the first seven teams from each conference safely entering the playoffs. But there is a special feature of the NBA game schedule: If the ninth is a maximum of four wins behind the eighth, both teams play against each other. If the eighth wins, it is safe in the playoffs. However, if the ninth wins, the final playoff participant is only determined in a second game, so there are a maximum of two more games per conference. Background: Even teams that may have less chance of the playoffs should be given incentives to participate in the re-start in Florida.
The subsequent NBA playoffs then run as usual in best-of-seven mode. The first round of playoffs begins on August 17th. The conference semifinals start on August 31. The conference final begins on September 15, before the NBA finals begin on September 30, 2020.

These NBA teams are starting in Orlando

The basketball world is looking forward to the games in Orlando, where the Battle of LA between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers takes place on the first night. LeBron James versus Kawhi Leonard, so the NBA is going straight to the limit. In total, the best 22 teams will start in the 2020 NBA Bubble in Florida. In the Eastern Conference, these are Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, defending champions Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards. The Western Conference contains Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz.

Beer betting and underwear disaster: These oddities occurred in the NBA Bubble

As already mentioned, the teams live in a “quarantine bubble”, isolated from the outside world and their familiar environment. Regular corona tests and the highest safety precautions, such as the requirement to wear a mask in the hotel and distance regulations for the team supervisors from the parquet, were specifically defined for the tournament. Between all the measures, there are still bizarre stories in the NBA Bubble. Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat asked several opponents to stick out and drink beer. His teammate Jimmy Butler was upset because he had dribbled in his hotel room with a basketball at night. Lakers professional J.R. Meanwhile, Smith reports that he has too little underwear, seven underpants would not be enough. Meanwhile, Lou Williams of the LA Clippers left the bubble to have fun in a “gentlemen’s club” in Atlanta – as a consequence, he went into quarantine for a few days.

NBA in live stream and live on TV

Do you want to watch the NBA 2020 live? No problem, we’ll tell you where to watch the games from the World Disney Resort in Orlando. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, streaming provider DAZN brings the NBA games home to you on your smart TV or on the go to your cell phone, laptop or tablet. DAZN streams seven games of the NBA Regular Season live and in re-live every week. Basketball fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also experience the complete NBA Playoffs 2020, the Conference Finals, Finals and the NBA All-Star Weekend in a live stream on DAZN.

NBA 2020: bets and odds

What are the NBA odds for 2020, which NBA bets does Tipster offer you? The New Orleans Pelicans open Florida’s “Bubble Games” against Utah Jazz (Friday, Jul 31, 2020 at 12:30 am CEST). The Pelicans are slightly favored in the duel: odds 1.70 for the team around Zion Williamson, Utah Jazz is rated 2.05 by Tipster. The favorites for the overall NBA victory in 2020 are once again the Los Angeles Lakers. If you bet on LeBron and Co, you will get back 3.5 times your stake if successful. The Milwaukee Bucks who performed well before the Corona break also received the overall win rate of 3.5. The LA Clippers (odds 4.0) are also among the hot favorites, while the Boston Celtics (17.0), the Houston Rockets (17.0) and the Philadelphia 76ers (20.0) are already rated significantly weaker. Defending champion Toronto Raptors (25.0) only have outsider chances this year.

Wherever you follow the games of the 2020 NBA Bubble – we wish you lots of fun and a happy hand in all your bets!